A+E Studio, Manhattan, 2016

Curated by Lolita Cros, with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York


The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York and curator Lolita Cros are pleased to present Sunset Perfect, an exhibition that will open Friday, April 15th at A+E Studios.

Born and raised in New York, to a French family, Louis Heilbronn grew up with two perspectives, shaped by two cultures. In 2011, he began to unravel these identities, by taking road trips across the US and France, alone. Out of these solitary missions, he found the subjects for his first solo show at Galerie Polaris in Paris in 2013. Looking abroad and at home for inspiration, Heilbronn continues to delve into these themes of wanderlust and home. Heilbronn sees, photographs, and swallows information, colors and cultures. Yet no matter where he is, what translates to the viewer is his inherent disconnect. 

The flowers, orange peels, his long-term girlfriend, TV screens, that he photographs are to him familiar images, which act as “transitional objects.” Over time these leitmotifs keep the viewer grounded and familiarized with Heilbronn’s personal attachments. For his first solo exhibition in New York City, the images selected follow the photographer’s stream of consciousness. Intertwining photographs from India, China and the US with Heilbronn’s home and family, it explores the parallels between his travels and emotional wanderings. Though Heilbronn doesn’t strive to capture events, Sunset Perfect builds a murky narrative of someone from the outside looking in. By looking at his photographs, you feel like you’ve walked in his shoes, felt his detachment and his comforts. 

However, where some could see a portrait in absentia, the artist manages to keep his distance with the viewer, by balancing intimate moments with impersonal landscapes. He plays with the clichés, while re-inventing the classics, and embracing his respect for the founding fathers of photography.


Website: http://sunsetperfect.com/

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