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A call for Support

Months after the most severe recorded super-storm in our state’s history swept the northeastern United States, several communities within the greater New York City area remain displaced or subject to dire conditions of private and infrastructural wreckage. It is projected that Hurricane Sandy will come to stand as the second or third most costly natural disaster in U.S. history, demanding a sustained commitment on the part of those New Yorkers willing and capable of giving real reprieve to its victims. The damage of the storm asserts itself today as obdurately as ever; thousands of buildings throughout the Rockaways, Staten Island, Red Hook, New Jersey and elsewhere have become infested with mold, electrical hazards and outages persist, and thousands of families are faced with the possibility of losing their neighborhoods and homes.

We are calling out to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to support our hurricane relief benefit art auction planned to take place at China Chalet on Saturday, February 16th.  All funds raised will be immediately donated to the Occupy Sandy and, without risk of fraud or abuse, directly applied to reinforcing the organization’s relief effort.  Occupy Sandy has been consistently transparent with the allocation of all of the $640,000 it has received to date and maintains a sophisticated tertiary platform for the use of such funds. Your donation will be instrumental in either providing aid to individuals in urgent need (Emergency Fund), reconstructing community infrastructure (Recovery Projects Fund), or facilitating the long-term, self-determined, rehabilitation of affected communities (Participatory Fund).  Further, Occupy Sandy has taken care to assure, within its means, that the relief effort be as ecologically sustainable as possible.

Our team is comprised of young artists, curators, documentarians and anthropologists, all of who live in New York City and work with one of its array of art non-profit organizations. We believe that the Hurricane Sandy relief effort provides us with an opportunity to build a cross-disciplinary network of solidarity capable of effecting material change.  The art auction will feature a wide range of donated works of various media from a host of emerging young artists. We anticipate a multivalent show, tentatively foregrounding a common thematic as it emerges naturally from shared cultural conditions of production, common references and concerns, and in relation to the wonderfully strange design and décor of the space.  We aim to embrace the necessarily bricolage form of a show of donated works as a testament to the still indefinite, flexible, and vitally underdetermined character of the various projects on view.

Artists include: Zoe Albert, Jamie Bayard, Jade Berreau, Sebastian Black, Aaron Bobrow, Stefan Bondell, Ryan D. Bush, Filippo Chia, Jacky Connolly, Andrew Dubow, Joey Frank, Paul Gondry, Shelby Jackson, Jemima Kirke, Tali Lennox, Dean Levin, Rachel Libeskind, Becky Lichter, Brendan Lynch, Thomas McDonell, Mara Mckevitt, Ali Medina, Jane Moseley, Nick Poe, Rachel Rossin, Tschabalala Self, Enzo Shalom, Gabby Tillman, Curtis Wallen and Dustin Yellin

Co-curated by Lolita Cros





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