traces: A group exhibition


The real world is simply too terrible to admit. It tells man that he is a small trembling animal who will someday decay and die. Culture changes all of this, makes man seem important, vital to the universe, immortal in some ways.  - Ernst Becker

For centuries, artists have making pieces that will ultimately outlive them, and take on lives of their own.  We are able to view 500 year old paintings in museums, listen to classical music on our laptops, and read new editions of novels on tablets that were initially written by hand.  

But as we continue to seamlessly integrate the digital into our physical lives, we are fixated on a new meaning of immortality - whether it be the content we create on a daily basis that could very well outlive us or the advancing fields of biotechnology. 

Artists include: Zoe Albert, Adrien de Mones, Ryan Caruso, Eli Durst, Lindsey Eskind, Devra Freelander, Linnea Gad, Andrew Gladstone, Thomas Huston, Alison Karasyk, Nicholas Kokkinis, Rachel Libeskind, Lola Lorber, Lenora Rigoni, Anna Robinson-Sweet, Rachel Rossin, Harry Schleiff, Emily Schubert, Ethan Tate, Curtis Wallen and Jessica Wilson


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Co-curated by Lolita Cros


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